Nasal Strips: A Review

As per my blog post yesterday about nasal strips, I tried them today during my training and it was absolutely unbelievable. I’m already someone who tends to nose breathe, but during exercise, nasal congestion is my biggest barrier. After just putting on the strips, I felt like I was experiencing Life for the first time. Cant describe the profundity properly in words.

I felt like I was in a different world. It was astounding.

Must use sparingly as ultimately I want to experience the discomfort of the narrow pathway to breathe that are the nostrils to allow my body to adapt to decrease my C02 sensitivity).

Recommend highly.

Two really good podcasts I listened to today about movement

These two podcasts were poignant AF. Very good listens.

Aaron Kabul on human body resilience, the pitfalls of how practitioners communicate with patients, and the science of pain:

Rafe Kelley on “The Value of Play” in movement patterns, and parcours:

Could I live without internet?

Yes. It’s been one thing to be off social media long term. Another to have no internet. I’ve had a deep craving for The OG Basics. For everything:

  • Handwriting
  • Letters
  • Personal delivery
  • Walking
  • Primal movement
  • Natural lighting
  • Storytelling
  • Foraging


What is “Pain”?

Pain is the body’s way of communicating that it doesn’t feel safe. It is a signal inferring threat.

This means that there’s a disconnect between things in the outside world and the inside world of the body.

Isn’t that interesting, how the human experience is subjective, malleable and powerful beyond rationale?

My thoughts on corrective exercises

As demonstrated by a YouTube video comment:

This video:

My comment: “

Unreal views 🙌🏻

Also respect re: RPE especially for trails!

Q: are you conscious of your breathing while you run? (Brilliant work on pelvic stabilization, since rectus abdominis holds up pelvis. Lawrence Van Lingen of “Inner Runner” has powerful content on this).

So often “corrective” exercises can be short-lived. The breathing re-aligns from the spine. It basically allows thoracic pressure with breath to stabilize the whole middle body, thus also upper and lower to just rotate about a neutral spine.

Because not being able to “unleash the kraken” on runs is SO stifling. I totally understand.

Also one more: Gray Cook’s work on core stability is a paradigm shift imho because you can do corrective exercises and foam roll till blue in the face but the body resets to the initial state. His approach to basic dynamics is kinaesthetically poignant AF. 🙌🏻”