When your body is forced to perform, under that pressure is when diamonds are formed from rough stone. When you create this goal, with no option but to reach it – the body will find ways for you to attain the seemingly unattainable. Today during my swim set, I completed a fins set finless. It was a set of descending 100’s ending with 1:30’s and at the start it seemed impossible; I was feeling the fatigue setting in already on the normally easy pace of 1:40/100. I wasn’t feeling like I could perform, but as I reached the 1:30 pace, my legs kicked in an unfamiliar pattern- shorter and stronger, it was a new sensation. My pull was totally the “hook” style that I’ve been mindfully willing my arms and hands to master. I felt powerful, strong, fierce.

It’s truly incredible how the body will just straight up perform when your mind and heart want it badly enough; today I gave myself the beautiful gift of the experience of “flow”. The body sensation of pure “in the zone” state, automatic muscle firing in a holistic, whole body and mind intercourse resulting in goal attainment. I made the pace times, surprised the hell out of myself, and shit I’m damn proud and in love with my body and mind.

Sport for me is my own journey through the relentless pursuit of athletic mastery, a journey not an endpoint. These “holy shit” aka “aha” experiences are landmarks of fireworks and doorways to growth. I’ve not felt the forward progression in my training for a while, I’ve felt instead this state of steady stagnation, plateau. I’m learning how to treat my body as lovingly as it deserves in order to blossom and be the healthiest and happiest that is possible in my life. Today I felt like I was experiencing the true bliss and benefit of this self-love, all encompassing, bountiful love.

Truly; the body achieves what the mind believes, and there’s absolutely nothing more powerful than the made up mind.

Mobilize Yourself



“It makes no sense to worry about things you have no control over because there’s nothing you can do about them, and why worry about things you do control? The activity of worrying keeps you immobilized.” – Wayne Dyer

Mobilizing yourself, in any forward direction, is the key to growth.  Simple, forward.  Negative mind sets, mixed with hesitance, procrastination, “could/would/shoulding” on yourself is an utter waste of energy.  The answer to avoid stagnation, halting, and being immobilized, which is a gut wrenching recipe for being unhappy, is as easy as taking one single step in the right direction.  

Something I struggle with is perfection.  I’m taking an online Archaeology course (gagmewithaspoon) in which I have no interest, and am struggling with the gains of my degree through the means of delayed gratification.  I have an assignment that I have to do today, and my enthusiasm for it is below ground level, it’s like – the same amount of want I have for peanut butter to stop existing.  The best way for me to overcome this immobilizing stagnation I’m feeling is to just START, and screw it man, progress is fine, perfection in a field where my drive is zero, and my desire nil; WHATEVER!  I feel this need for perfection even still, and I’m going to challenge my belief system, and challenge my habit that I’m allowing to keep me in a state of being paralyzed.  Like, it’s a wicked nice day out, I am going to get this done, and that is that.

One step forward, that is all it takes:  so outline finished, rough, unique, imperfect, beautiful.

“Once you give up the need to be perfect, you can be great.”




Endless – high

Exhale – sigh

Open eyes wide

Chase the tide

Soul pull – abide

Wild – side

Find my stride

Chin up – pride

Fear bye-bye

Me oh my

Feel the vibe

Wake up alive

Fuel the drive

Higher – strive

Life high five

Cliffside – dive

Groove n’ jive

Heart pure – thrive

Love – revive

Bliss – arrive