Lighten up, say yes man!

I’m a big believer in the mind-body connection. I think all successes and journeys through both beautiful as well as adverse experiences stem from things we attract from deep within our being.  I think that we have the immense power to both make ourselves sick, and to make ourselves totally flourish in whole health and life.


I sustained a hip injury for about half of of 2012, and was coming through a rough time in my life of body abuse and misaligned values.  I was terribly ungrounded, and followed the mantra for physicality of “The Body is Evil and Must Be Punished”.  But the body hears everything the mind says, and I’m a firm believer in the idea that our lives will directly reflect our mindset toward the world, our body, and our appraisal of our internal and external environment.

In Quantum physics, there is an experiment called the Double Slit Experiment:

This explains how our very cells are affected by our thoughts, from a physical point of view.  I’m a lover of yoga and am finally appreciating SOME of the zen talk from SOME of the instructors I’ve taken classes with, but I also like to know the reason behind statements like “Find your ground” or “What you bring to yoga is a reflection of your outlook on life”.  This being said, I love to soak up shared experiences and expressions from a myriad of sources like great authors, mentors, and other figures who have things they want to share. SO I watched this video and looked into it, and believe that our thoughts control our cells, which directly interact with the particles in our environments by vibrations, a physical and palpably believable relationship.  Therefore, simply stated, we literally are able to guide and attract in our lives what we want, and also what we don’t want, by just thinking thoughts and willing things to happen.

I think sometimes our minds and body’s will plea for things we are subconsciously or unconsciously aware or unaware of.  In sport, I think that my hip injury stemmed from an imbalance in my life, I spiralled down hard, didn’t love myself and was not happy.  I remember my brother asking me if I wanted to be unconditionally happy, and I replied with no.  I can wholeheartedly say now that YES I DO want to be unconditionally happy, and I will attract this to my life.  I don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s All. Small. Stuff.  It’s fucking cool now how I’m tuning in to my deep values, what I want, and respecting the hell out of myself.  If I do a run and I’m not smiling at least once (even if I’m dry heaving and really givin’r in a toughie, character building training session) then that session is straight up no good.  I do it because I love it, obligation free, hakuna matata, baby.  Niggles in sport, little discomforts are reminders to re-evaluate, and rest, and tune in.  Amen.  Listen to the whispers, so we’re not forced to abide by the screams.

What do I want?

To always be happy, and there’s no destination for that shit, I am there, I’ve always been there.  None of this: I am/I’ll be happy when _______________.  I am happy.

Now turn up this shit U+2193.svg

and dance dammit, or something, have a time, and stop taking life so damn seriously eh MEOW

I came across this and it’s hilarious:  in lieu of not taking things too seriously, check’r out HA!

physicist vs engineer

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