And everything will be alright forever and forever and forever.

Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.

What a concept.

The subjectivity of interpretation can be a wisely administered tool.  As always, interpreted appraisal of something can be positive, negative, or opportunist.  I think there’s merit in looking at a situation objectively, and choosing to ingest it with interest in making it in the most useful and beneficial way that you possibly can.

An optimist looks at a glass half full.

A pessimist, half empty.

The opportunist drinks it.

Be the opportunist.


I moved to Vancouver upon graduating university with intent to grow.  Grow I have.  In mind, through means of body, and connectivity with the world and others.

I see things differently because I choose to.

I’m realizing my own power.

Moving away from home, I realized that I can no longer put blame on my stagnation in journey to full happiness on others; my parents and circumstances.  This move was my dream.  I’ve come to a huge realization that I have all the resources internally to be whatever the fuck I want to be.  Self soothe.  Respond according to my authenticity.  Choose my path.  I am.

Whatever it is I want, I can manifest.  I can attract.  Abundance is cultivated through the soul’s desire.  We harness our lives; nourish our nests, manifest our awareness to be what best serves us.  Or we don’t.  I think all our choices will lead us to where we want to go if we believe that they will.

No. This is a complete sentence.  I smile when I need a hug, it brings me to self soothe.  I am becoming more mindful in my life, tuning in.  I live in the present moment, and remind myself of this by accepting encounters as inquisitions in my body.  I went to a yoga class, and the instructor was describing a term used by fellow yogi who said each pose in the series, he treats as a movement inquisition.  How does the pose serve you.  I realize that I am not at an effect of external influences, but I am the effect.  How do things serve in my body, mind.  I choose.  I’m receptive to my own vibes, my energy, my power and cultivation of pleasure, character building, strength and growth.

I’m the catalyst to my own happiness.

Be authentic to your chosen path.

I’m open, growing, and everything will be alright, forever and forever and forever.

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