Itchy Feet

ImageWhen arches find too sturdy ground,
Monotony binds my heartbeat’s sound,
Comfort and settling so easily found,
When unsteady footing I fiercely hound.

Itchy and restless I soon become,
When comfort zone, is challenged none.
Childhood indulgence, purposeful fun,
Magnetic adventure, soul search begun.

With self-assurance, surrender I choose,
To the sublime tinglings of my jubilant youth,
What rich gifts I harness, invest and amuse,
For abundance and growth, I light the fuse.

Tune in, turn on, sharpen my wit,
Unstable terrain seek I, true grit,
Aim, intent, authentically fit,
With equanimous spirit, soul, flame-lit. 

Grow, expand, and take up space,
Give in to my heart’s hungry taste,
Ferocious appetite, ikigai’s haste,
Will journey my soles to resplendent grace.



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