Homemade Hazelnut Milk Banana Mango Parfait


Hazelnut Milk Banana Mango Parfait

 “Eat food, not too muchmostly plants.”

Good real food.

Eat when hungry, “If you’re hungry enough to eat an apple.”, then you’re hungry.

Eat intuitively, minimally processed, and with intent to nourish your body.  It’s the most important thing you own, and the only place you have to live.

Here’s a recipe:

Homemade Hazelnut Banana Parfait

Makes 2 mason jar portions


Hazelnut Milk Custard:

1/3 cup hazelnuts, soaked in 1 cup water overnight (at least 8 hours)

3 dates soaked in water (2 hours)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons chia seeds

3 egg yolks

pinch of salt


Toasted Coconut Oats: (Toast these mixed together in toaster oven for 10ish mins, watch em, they burn quick, mix em round a little bit to rearrange for EVEN TOASTING)

1/2 cup rolled oats

1/3 cup shredded coconut (much tastier if self-shredded: “chop your own wood and it warms you twice.”)

Add-ins: mashed banana with cinnamon, coconut butter, cut up mango, crushed hazelnuts.


After soaking hazelnuts, put them in a food processor with the water, dates (and soaking water), vanilla, and salt. Blend that shit.



Put the hazelnut milk mixture in a pot on the stove and warm slightly.


Whip the egg yolks a bit, and then slowly (or not, it worked fine for me without being too ‘one yolk at a time’ as long as the hazelnut milk isn’t too hot, and yolks not too cold) add yolks while whisking the mix.


Whisk for round 4 mins, then put into the bottom layer of the mason jars.  Add in one tablespoon to each jar of chia seeds.


Add in a layer of toasted oats and coconut.  Save some of the mix for another layer.



Now mash the banana with some cinnamon and slice up the mango.



Dollop in that shit.



My mum didn’t like this part, but I added in a teaspoon of coconut butter, probs would’ve been better if it was melted on top the morning of eating, but I put it in the night before so it was hard (that’s what she said).


Top it with oats and crushed hazelnuts.



That’s it that’s all!  Voila:


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