Don’t Think, Just Do

I’m posting this vid pretty vulnerably…man, I know I’m thin, but it’s hard to feel skinny.  I can feel unwell, but to feel skinny?  That’s different.  Seeing this video, I can see myself, and damn, I’m too skinny 😦  I don’t like it!

Yesterday, I had a wicked conversation with my neighbour about how she overcame similar struggles with Anorexia.  She pinned it down to:

  • Awareness
  • Belonging (working outdoors at a forestry camp one summer)
  • Coping skills for anxiety (decreasing anxious thought patterns)

She expressed the liberation she found when she realized how fleeting our times on this earth is, as she observed life and death around her, and she was sick of being so bony and drained, all the time.  She needed energy for the job outside, and she didn’t feel good at her weight.  The endless cycle of restriction, compulsive exercising, and chronically high cortisol led her to say “I’ve had enough!” and so, she let go.

It’s a blessing whenever I can gain insight from the journey of people, making me feel not alone in this.  It’s so easy to feel alone.  But I’m totally not, and everyone is a warrior, in some way or another.

Trucking on, see you when I have a bum.


In reply to Jill from “A Case Of The Jills”… re: getting your period back after H.A., by exercising less and eating more. This vid is about the monkey mind of someone with an eating disorder and how to silence the voices that started the problem in the beginning. (Healing the “SOURCE” is a totally different ball game).

2 thoughts on “Don’t Think, Just Do

  1. Hi Melanie 🙂 I have been following your blog but never commented. We’ve also never met but went to the same high school. I have always enjoyed following your journey because you inspire me with your inner strength and you are also pretty damn funny or should I say punny ;). I can tell you are hurting from your recent posts and yet you are still willing to be vulnerable, so optimistic and such a fighter. I genuinely want to be your friend and I want to be there for you if you ever need an extra friend in your support system. Much love to you and don’t ever give up I am always rooting for you.

    • Dear Lianna, I read this first notification this AM and my god thank you so much. I feel like I do remember you, did we run xc together w Mr. Macodrum? And you’re doing tris now?
      You made me feel so good with this comment, feeeeeel! I’d love to connect, shoot me an email if it calls you 🙂

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