We’ll be long Don, and still I rise

Give me trills from Sparrows And Woodpecker drills

Give me buzzing from humming birds, stilled over flowers 

Give me some two-pitched low-high loon calls

Give me dewy blades so I can dance on them with my toes

Give me fish-shit and composting leaves on lakes bottom

Give me rich bush, wealthy with tree trunks and whispers of Chaga

Give me my thumping heart, drumming against my chest saying I’m alive and sup’ bear

Ah, fuck it, give me a damn mosquito blood-suck on my ass

I’d rather a leech on my back than pay Government tax

Give me shook-walls from thunder

No power, but what’s ‘power’ in woods?

Does a bear cub ever think they’re too fat?

Give me solace in soft moss

Caressing my toes

A leaf to blow my nose

Take me where river flows

That’s power

Nature shows 

Trump vs Avalanche?

What would our Mother think?

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