“Holding Space”

“I sheppard people into the empty space that’s infinitely all around them…that they’re already in, but can’t access without me.”

JP Sears is real good.

But in all seriousness, meditation is something I’ve practiced and fallen out of, mannnny times.  I’ve forced it via a phone alarm for a while, and I’ve stopped.  I intuitively started doing it again, sitting and letting myself “hold space”, and I find my body asking for it.  I run around here and there all day, and to stop and be there, whatever the hell that means, just to be still feels so damn good.

I’ve been marinating on the pain because I want to feel it now.

I know I’ve read and heard of the “isness” Eckhart Tolle describes, and I have to eye-roll at the esoteric nature of the term.  But like…I’m starting to feel that “isness”…and it feels not good…but just “feels”.  So strange.  But mamilike.

Anyone have this kind of experience?  Anyone meditate?

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