Bone strengthening protocol

Because I believe it’s possible to reverse my DEXA bone scan from -4 to 0.

Journal entry for today:

4:59am F D18:

Slept early and up early

Tomo is mulled wine


Weightlifting 🏋️‍♀️for bones 🦴


It’s not too late

The body is incredible

The body is incredibly powerful and it has a lot more strength than you think

I’m tired

My body thinks I’m menopausal right now.

It doesn’t trust me.

Recalibrate, then get strong.

Already holding onto fat stores for pseudo-famine.

Email to my medical team:

1 week of daily:

***no fasted bike
• 1 hr cycling/swim

• 2-3x bone strengthening protocol exercises

• 10 mins core work

2nd week:

***no fasted bike

• alternating between 1hr swim/bike and 30 mins bike with 30 mins gym weight lifting

• 2-3x bone strengthening protocol exercises

• 10 mins core work

This would be very hard for me but I need to do this.

More data:

There are three fundamental rules that govern bone adaptation:

(1) It is driven by dynamic, rather than static, loading.

(2) Only a short duration of mechanical loading is necessary to initiate an adaptive response.

(3) Bone cells accommodate to a customary mechanical loading environment, making them less responsive to routine loading signals.