Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St. Patrick’s day, I’m wiped.

This has been an exhausting week.  My MRI results came in with a negative on the hip impingement diagnosis which is wicked, but possibly an athletic hip hernia or tendinosis.  I’m being sent for an ultrasound which should give me an answer within a couple of weeks.  Regardless, the wait and anticipation of results this week was adrenally exhausting.  

I went on three bike rides outside this week as well, for the first time in a good couple of months or so.  They were wicked.  I think the fear of hip impingement had me apprehensive of labrum damage.  Biking felt foreign, which is understandable considering I haven’t been biking in so long.  It didn’t feel painful, but uncomfortable.  Honestly my gut (hey hey #punny) feeling is that it’s a hernia….We’ll see.  I also swam without a pull-buoy which was so LIBERATING!  Same feeling though, hip felt weak, and mildly uncomfortable, tight and fatigued….I will soon enough.

I also had two exams this week, one this past Thursday for Athletic Injuries, and one today for Drugs and Behaviour (zero interest in this course, dislike it strongly, incredibly apathetic towards course content).  I was a bit of a downer today after my exam, it went terribly and put a damper on my mood. Or I guess I allowed myself to succumb to being a downer in the way that I appraised the situation, because ultimately it’s my choice how I let things affect me. I let myself down, but physically I am tired. I went out to meet with some friends after my exam, when truthfully all I really wanted to do was lie down in my bed and sleep, I’m so tired. I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately. BUT I made it out, and had some fun, but didn’t last too long. After a couple of hours I really wanted to go home, so home I did go. I sat on my front porch for a bit and imagined I was sitting on a mountain, the air was so sweet smelling tonight. Excitement and summer in the air.

I’m saving my pre-bed abs routine for tomorrow morning. My bed is summoning me and I have no opposition to climb under my sheets. It’s been a tough week.

Happy St. Patty’s day and goodnight.

(ps sidenote this is how I felt about having an exam today from 2-4pm….on st.patrick’s day….I mean come on prof, what gives?!)