Sweet List of Movement Principles from Gray Cook

Set your movement and performance baselines:

Eliminate exercises that look supplementary or body part-oriented.

Embrace whole movement patterns first: run, jump, carry, climb

If you’re stiff, breathe and get healthy. Then get mobile.

If you’re not strong, carry stuff and lift stuff.

Own your movement patterns. Simple and basic first. Without load and then with load. Always with integrity.

Watch your body and movement patterns change.

Eliminate the things that don’t make a lot of good sense or seem to be supplementary. See how good you get against your baseline test.

Watch your performance so that you’ll have no excuse for making an unqualified statement about what you think performance is and what it’s not. The first requirement of performance is participation and if you’re jacked up, you’re not a participant today.

Enjoy your simple, basic and whole exercise program. Once you own it, add the plus for fun . . . you earned it!”


My thoughts on corrective exercises

As demonstrated by a YouTube video comment:

This video: https://youtu.be/a37bqHjnSfU

My comment: “

Unreal views 🙌🏻

Also respect re: RPE especially for trails!

Q: are you conscious of your breathing while you run? (Brilliant work on pelvic stabilization, since rectus abdominis holds up pelvis. Lawrence Van Lingenhttps://youtu.be/1gHCR2JkgDc of “Inner Runner” has powerful content on this).

So often “corrective” exercises can be short-lived. The breathing re-aligns from the spine. It basically allows thoracic pressure with breath to stabilize the whole middle body, thus also upper and lower to just rotate about a neutral spine.

Because not being able to “unleash the kraken” on runs is SO stifling. I totally understand.

Also one more: Gray Cook’s work on core stability is a paradigm shift imho because you can do corrective exercises and foam roll till blue in the face but the body resets to the initial state. His approach to basic dynamics is kinaesthetically poignant AF. 🙌🏻”

What I’m interested in lately:

Here’s a compilation of some things catching my attention lately:

1. Nasal breathing and training and Life:

2. Gray Cook and Functional Movement Screening:

“Make it challenging, not difficult.

Reflex-stability: distraction and compression for hips and shoulders are probably going to give you more reflex stabilization then rehearsing reps with the stabilizer muscles, because they’re going to send out a global signal for alignment and integrity.”

3. CPTSD & Psychotherapist Pete Walker:

4. Lawrence Van Lingen: chiro & natural movement & breath cool dude runner Ironman works with Rinny Carfrae & Ryan Sandes ✊🏻

5. Craig Liebenson and First Principles of Movement: