India and Poop Philosophy 

Honestly, when I spent a month at the Yoga Institute in India, I had the best poops in my life. This is huge for me, bc my gut is where my body communicates any stress, and it sucks!

I ate veg Indian food. I didn’t eat rice or chapati, but heaps of delicious dal, cooked veg. Hansaji is beautiful, wise, kind, and her advice here in this vid is truly legit.

Also: we pooped in holes in ground-toilets…and hoses vs tp. #Dontknockittillyoutryit

Fucking #fearfoods



Bought this from Sorauren farmers market yday bc body said doit (thank you West End Food Co-op, it’s delicious)

Yam (wouldbeeasierifitwaslamb…)
Lentil (scary)
Coconut (yes)
Curry (challo)

Doing it now because #iwantmyperiodback

This đź’©’s yum