How Salt & Cinna bring out sweetness in foods

Both salt and cinnamon when eaten, open up the “sweet” taste receptors on the tongue, thereby heightening the sweetness of food.

I personally like putting salt on mostly e v e r y t h i n g. Umami works, too.

  • PB
  • Banana
  • Eggies
  • Mmmm even a bit in my coffee
Wawaweewa aye


  • It’s cool how cinnamon and salt open up the “sweet” taste receptors on the tongue, thus enhancing the “sweetness” of foods
  • Watching a baby develop is incredible: motor control, rolling, (jolly jumpers are NOT developmentally supportive), nervous system acuity, unfiltered reactions, attachments, needs, genuineness
  • Observing training adaptations is rad
  • Listening to the body is also rad
  • Liver adobo really does need a lot of onion and garlic
  • Resistance training is powerful
  • Soul synchronicities are real
  • Sometimes needing to eat is inconvenient AF
  • When it’s windy out, I always try to charge my phone bc I never know if the power will go out #tinyhomeproblems