3 Healthy Habits for the New Year

Simple Health for Now:

Feeling sluggish? Want to start 2015 with good habits, but don’t know where to begin?

In India where I got certified as a Yoga Teacher, we had some simple routines to follow to maintain balance in life.


Here we go:

1. Walk for 10 minutes before each meal, and after each meal. A little more brisk before, and more leisurely afterwards.  This simple task allows you to approach your body and meal with a sense of calmness, and to truly take time for yourself at this beautiful process of fuelling to thrive.

2. Take 60 seconds before eating your meal to tune into your breath and to cultivate gratitude for your food and how it will react in your body. Tune into the process of how much work went into bringing your food on your plate, hug yourself, appreciate your body for all it does, and relax.

3. Enjoy your meal without your phone, and with a demeanour of rest. Eating under stress changes the way we digest our food. Do you feel like you have some extra weight on you? It is just as important HOW you eat as it is WHAT you eat. Sit, breathe, relax, love.

That’s it that’s all!